March 2023

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Rosanna E. Licari

Rosanna E. Licari has an Istrian-Italian background and she was born in the former Yugoslavia. Her poetry has been published in national and international journals and anthologies including ArtLiJo (USA), Antipodes, Australian Poetry Journal, Australian Love Poems, Bluepepper; Communion, Cordite, e:ratio (USA), foam:e, fourW: New Writing, Idiom 23, Island, Meniscus, Not Very Quiet, Shearsman (UK), Softblow (Singapore),TEXT journal, Transnational Literature (UK), Quadrant, and Verity La. Her poetry collection An Absence of Saints (UQP) won the Thomas Shapcott Manuscript Prize, the Anne Elder Poetry Award, the Wesley Michel Wright Award and it was shortlisted for the Mary Gilmore Award. She was a former co-director of the QLD Poetry Festival and she is the poetry editor of StylusLit   <> She teaches English to migrants and refugees in Brisbane, Australia.

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