March 2021

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Lock it in, eddie

By Claire Albrecht

I’ve been thinking of what to do

when no one will pay me to write poetry



maybe become a locksmith?

a van drives by the mayfield bowling

club and beckons


with its bolts, latches and cylinders

I inhale as the old bloke behind

moans of greenies


I want to show him a picture

of the storm a fire makes all its 

own, electric


and tell him of the town in 

pennsylvania where a coal blaze has burned

for fifty years


and the trouble I’ve been having 

breathing, anxiety or bushfire smoke

hard to say


it’s a tightness of the chest just like

the air’s bearing down, saying “hey



do you want me here or not?” and yes

you know I do, and I want the earth unburnt

and oceans cold


and colourful like oil on water, like your

eyes when they tell me I am going to be