September 2020

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on that morning

By Elanna Herbert

          i was being/ ready/ ready being one parent/ i was being sensible sister/ being a

follower of the 5 safe steps/ i was being follow the plan/ i was being clear/ clear away/ clear

it/ clear the decks/ prepare prep re are pre/ i was being pre/ fire/ i was being hose it/ i was 

being sprinkler/ i was being water/ water/ i was being take/ albums/ i was being real/ reality

bites/ i was being it/ it was being chopper/ it was being chopper buckets/ chopped up/ 

overhead / it was being no help/ no no help at all/ it was being orange clouds/ bill billowing/ i

was being can’t believe/ is the this/ the big thing/ this it/ is fire/ The Currowan/ i was being

 here/ being fireplan/ i was being unreal/ i was being Hollywood/ movie/ i was being a disaster

 movie/ apocalypse now move move movie/ i was being my own home movie/ my horror/ my 

red horror movie/ it was being side red on our/ roadside red/ no/ it was being orange/ orange/

orange flames like water/ orange flames like water flowing down to/ it was being orange

water flames flowing down slope/ the green paddock/ it was being catch the green paddock/ i 

was being mesmerised/ flames flowing in the paddock behind house/ orange flames behind

blue house across/ behind our street/ our street/ being at houses in our street/ i was being no/ 

not yet our/ burning Lakeside Dr/ burning tracks through the bush behind paddock/ burning

near us/ the corner/ the here/ The Currowan burning/ it was/ being burning near the corner

here/ i was being stay it/ stay/ calm it/ i was being don’t panic/ don’t panic/ i was being think/ 

think/ think it out/ i was being a gap/ next i think/ i was being a run/ i was being go/ go/ on

 that day i was being alive/ being south coast /i was being all south coast/ it was here/