September 2022

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the midweek churn

By Barnaby Smith

6:30pm, field #2



& systems awry      |      built to harness plasticity &

sensitivity in cloud’s shadow      |      auditions for

don’t know what      |      makes respite from private lives  

& infinite glowing unimportance            



the people are dark folds      |      almost invulnerable      | 

redemption story or thereabouts      |      the trick is to be conspicuous

in the [z]one      |      or at least imply motion      |      even if 

anonymous in limb & silhouette      |      just like mannequins or soldiers



so i like it when it doesn’t matter      |      all is infused with distance & numbers

      |      removed from the curdle of binding & bonding      |      theories through the

mist      |      under lights sharpened by our pure maths      |      heard you with the name

      |      & i decide one way or the other