March 2024

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By Jane Frank

There are films

          of a cherished coast

92,900 square metres of cliff and stone

turned sensuous avalanche

billowing as it met the sea


          of a tousle-haired man standing

unfazed beneath a wuthering sky,

a gyre of clouds around him

and his vast sheets of white:

half event, half monument


Later there would be wrapped

archipelagos and palaces

          absurd cloth-covered epics

a love letter in impassioned fence script

running between states

          the heartbreaking beauty of

orange furoshiki trees

partitioning mountains


The memory

of this world turned gallery

is a reminder of what

was beneath


          and perhaps it’s time

to wrap the coasts again—

trees, rivers, habitats—

in a gesture of faith

and love

tied with bows

          of soft biodegradable rope



Note: Christo and Jeanne-Claude created the world’s largest sculpture at Little Bay, Sydney in 1969. The project was called ‘Wrapped Coast’.