March 2024

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By Les Wicks


Seeds. Everywhere amongst the careless char 

so deep in the rubble 

as insignificant as hope. Seeds. 


A filthy rain shakes itself clean. 

Those few eyes left see desolation 

but seeds have begun to burrow with the runoff. 


Fungus… hyphae spread out beneath ground 

the size of a village grid, this mycelium 

sensing rebirth 

reaches up towards 

what is still a diffuse  

promise of light. 


The next shower will be cleaner 

sprouts rise in a timid applause. 

From burnt bark the hardiest grubs emerge from their burrows, 

squint upon emergence as all born things do. 


Crows veer down from the peaks towards 

carrion beneath denuded trees. 


From 8000 metres below sea level 

the braver snailfish rise 

amidst an inexplicable bounty beneath the ocean’s skin. 


Life has had it worse before 

& plans anew in a world fresh-scoured.