Past Issues

September 2023

Issue 14

InterviewsJan Owen, Brett Dionysius

Poetry: Marie-Andrée Auclair, paul Bluestein, Phil Brown, Brett Dionysius, Allan Lake,

Andrew Lansdown, Justin Lowe, Jan Owen, Vasilka Pateras, Heather Taylor-Johnson,

Isi Unikowski, Sean West, Ron Wilkins, Jena Woodhouse

Prose: Paul Murgatroyd, Mark O’Flynn, Debbie Robson

Reviews: Peter Bakowski’s Our Ways on Earth, Brett Dionysius’ Critical State, Jane Frank’s Ghosts Struggle to Swim, Pauline Hopkins (Ed.) It’s All Connected: Feminist Fiction and Poetry, Beth Spencer’s The Age of Fibs

March 2023

Issue 13

Interviews:  David Adès and Felix Cheong

Short Fiction: Jane Downing, Erin Law, Joshua Lee Shimmen, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Changming Yuan, Jean-François Vernay

Poetry: David Adès, Louis Armand, Jonathan Chan, Jane Frank, Marcelle Freiman, Damen O’Brien, Gregory Piko, Kate Maxwell, Pam Schindler, Carl Walsh, Jane Williams, Jena Woodhouse, Cyril Wong

Reviews: Dominque Hecq’s After Cage, Rosanna E. Licari’s Earlier, Hazel Smith’s Ecliptical

September 2022

Issue 12

Interviews:  Susan Hawthorne, Julia Kaylock and SImone King.

Short Fiction: John Michael Flynn, Edna Heled, Keith Nunes and Stephen Smithyman.

Poetry: Steph Amir, Peter Bakowski, Alison J Barton, Phil Brown, Owen Bullock, William Doreski, Jane Frank, Stephanie Green, Ross Jackson, Simone King, Allan Lake, Andrew Lansdown, Paul Magee, Rebecca Monks, Vanessa Page, Barnaby Smith, Ophelia Rose Weiss, Pri Victor, and Carl Walsh.

Reviews: Félix Calvino’s Young Love and Other Stories, Stuart Cooke’s Land Art, Rebecca Edward’s Plague Animals and Andrew Leggett’s Losing Touch.

March 2022

Issue 11

Interviews: Angela Costi, Stephen Matthews OAM, and Shane Strange

Short Fiction: Patrick Eades, James Hannan, Gemma Parker, and Mike Wilson

Poetry: David Adès, Edward Caruso, Angela Costi, Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon, B.R. Dionysus, Willo Drummond, Marcelle Freiman, John Grey, Justin Lowe, Gershon Maller, Peter Mitchell, Hayden Pike, Brendan Ryan, Brenda Saunders, Pam Schindler, Shane Strange and Cyril Wong

Reviews: Anne Casey’s Portrait of a Woman Walking Home, Angela Costi’s An Embroidery of Old Maps and New, Vanessa Page’s Botanical Skin, Melinda Smith’s Man-Handled, and Jane Williams’ Points of Recognition

September 2021

Issue 10

Interview: Philip Neilsen

Short Fiction:  Paul Murgatroyd, Peter Murphy, Mark O’Flynn, Karen Petersen, Ron Singer

Creative Non-fiction: Erica Wheadon

Poetry: Phil Brown, Angela Costi, B.R.Dionysius, Jane Frank, Marcelle Freiman, Dominique Hecq, Stu Hatton, John Hicks, Alana Kelsall, Philip Neilsen, Dom Symes, Carl Walsh, Les Wicks and Jena Woodhouse

Reviews: Airplane Baby Banana Blanket by Benjamin Dodds, Wide River by Jane Frank, Kaosmos by Dominique Hecq, and The Beating Heart by Denise O’Hagan


March 2021

Issue 9

Interview: Cassandra Atherton and Paul Hetherington

Short Fiction: Mohammed Birrpirri, Laila Abou-Rahme and Dave Gregory 

Poetry: Claire Albrecht, Cassandra Atherton & Paul Hetherington,  J.V. Birch, Damen O’ Brien, Gavin Yuan Gao, Ross Jackson, Yael Klangvisan, Justin Lowe, Gershon Maller, Pam Schindler, Carl Walsh, Kim Waters and Jena Woodhouse.

Reviews: Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry edited by Cassandra Atherton and Paul Hetherington, Creature by Rosalee Kiely, Fire Front: First Nations poetry and power today edited by Alison Whittaker, Moxie by Melinda Bufton, and Siarad by Caroline Reid

September 2020

Issue 8

Interview: Mark Tredinnick

Short Fiction: Paul Bluestein, Luke Evans, Peter Murphy, Rodney Williams and Natasha Rai

Poetry: Emily Barker, Anne Collins, William Doreski, Elanna Herbert, Julie Manning, Fardowsa Mohamed, Lyn Reeves, Brenda Saunders, Nathan Shepherdson and Mark Tredinnick. Translations of renown Greek poet, Tasos Leivaditis, by N.N.Trakakis

Reviews: Ben Adam’s Synonym for Sobriety, Rebecca Jessen’s Ask Me About The Future, L.K.Holt’s Birthplace, and Felicity Plunkett’s A Kinder Sea

March 2020

Issue 7

Interview: Judith Beveridge
Short Fiction: Lyn Dickens, Irma Gold, and Ben Mason  
Poetry: Judith Beveridge, Lesley Carnus, Angela Costi, Jane Frank, Marcelle Freiman, Ross Jackson, Gershon Maller, Chris Mansell, Vanessa Page, Vaughan Rapatahana, Barnaby Smith, Vicky Tsaconas, Carl Walsh, Sean West and Jena Woodhouse
Reviews: Natalie D-Napoleon’s First Blood, Anna Jacobson’s Amnesia Findings, Anthony Lawrence’s Time Machine, and Jena Woodhouse’s Green Dance: Tamborine Mountain Poems

September 2019

Issue 6

Interview: Gregory Vincent St Thomasino Short Fiction: James Hannan, J.L.Higgs, B.A. Keon-CohenMark Mulholland, Sophia Wilson Poetry: Cassandra Atherton, Brett Dionysius, Natalie D-Napoleon, Brett Firman, Angela Gardener, Ian Gibbins, Nadia Kim, Justin Lowe, Damen O’Brien, Mark O’Flynn, Pym Schaare, Hazel Smith, Beth Spencer, Carl Walsh, James Walton, Jena Woodhouse Reviews: Richard James Allen’s The Story of You and I, Vanessa Page’s Tourniquet, and Leni Shilton’s Walking with Camels.

March 2019

Issue 5

Interview: Ian Gibbins Creative Non-fictionBill Marshall Short Fiction: Eugen M Bacon, Caitlyn Doyle-Markwick, Margaret Karmazin, Ankur van der Woude Poetry: Richard James Allen, Peter Bakowski, Jennifer Compton, William Cotter, Ian Gibbins, Ross Jackson, Jill Jones, Rachael Mead, Philip Neilson, Vanessa Page, Maree Reedman, Ian Reid, Alicia Sometimes, Rodney Williams, Roger Vickery Reviews: Marion May Campbell’s Third Body, Felix Cheong’s B-Sides and Backslides: 1986-2018 and Charlotte Guest’s Soap

September 2018

Issue 4

Interview: Felicity Plunkett Short Fiction: Kathryn Gossow, James Hannan, Ashley Kalagian Blunt, Peter Kelly, Peter Justin Newall, Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga,Colin Varney Poetry: Amanda Anastasi, Brett Dionysius, Stephen House, Anna Jacobsen, Justin Lowe, Gershon Maller, Peter Mitchell, Liz McQuilkin, Damen O’Brien, Felicity Plunkett, Ariel Riveros Pavez, Lesley Synge, Carl Walsh, Les Wicks Reviews: Diane Fahey’s November Journal, Philip Neilsen’s Wildlife of Berlin and Reneé Pettitt-Schipp’s The Sky Runs Right through Us.


March 2018

Issue 3

Interviews: Christian Bök and Sarah Holland-Batt Creative Non-Fiction: Nicky Gluch, Cassie Hamer, Joanna Horton Fiction: Louise Hopewell, Glen Kershaw, Andrew Scobie Poetry: David Adès, Davina Allison, Stuart Barnes, Christian Bök, Brett Dionysius, Natalie D-Napoleon, Jayne Fenton-Keane, Rebecca Jessen, Gershon Maller, Emerald Roe, Brenda Saunders, Ynes Sanz, Alison Thompson, Kim Waters and Jena Woodhouse Reviews: David Adès’ Afloat in Light, Shastra Deo’s The Agonist, Jonathan Hadwen’s All That Wasted Heat, Melinda Smith’s goodbye, cruel and Jane Williams’ Parts of the Main

September 2017

Issue 2

Interview: Donna Ward Creative non-fiction: Phil Brown, Elisabeth Hanscombe, Maria Griffin Novel excerpts:  Emma Beach and Cheryl Burman, Cheryl Hayden Short fiction: Pym Schaare Poetry: Carolyn Abbs, Iain Britton, Anne M. Carson, Robbie Coburn, Eileen Chong, Natalie D-Napoleon, Eduardo Escalante, Alison Flett, Mindy Gill, Jonathan Hadwen, Allan Lake, Graeme Miles, Damen O’Brien, Nathanael O’Reilly, Gregory Piko, Maree Reedman, Chris Ringrose, Paul Scully, Isi Unikowski and Jena Woodhouse Poetry reviews: Richard James Allen’s Fixing the Broken Nightingale, Broede Carmody’s Flat Exit, Kristen Lang’s SkinNotes, Eddie Paterson’s redactor and Omar Sakr’s These Wild Houses

March 2017

Issue 1

Interview: Angela Meyer. Creative non-fiction: Phil Brown and Carlotta McIntosh. Novel excerpt: Gregory Vincent St Thomasino. Short fiction: Rosanna Licari. Poetry: Richard James Allen, Stuart Barnes, Stuart Cooke, B.R. Dionysius, Zenobia Frost, Angela Gardner, Stu Hatton, Andy Jackson, Krissy Kneen, Jo Langdon, Andrew Leggett, Gershon Maller, Damen O’Brien, Duncan Richardson, Nathan Shepherdson, Paul Summers and Jena Woodhouse. Poetry reviews: Helen Avery’s Loosely Defined, Stuart Barnes’ Glasshouses, Carmen Leigh Keates’ Meteorites, Ellen van Neerven’s Comfort Food. Short fiction review: Felix Calvino’s collection of short stories, So Much Smoke.