March 2017

Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of StylusLit.

For those of you who have submitted and read the previous incarnation of StylusLIt, Stylus Poetry Journal, thank you all for your good wishes for the new publication. StylusLit includes more genres to accommodate short fiction and creative non-fiction, two genres which I think are generally overlooked. On our team is Andrew Leggett, fiction and creative non-fiction editor, Alison Clifton, reviews editor, while I am poetry editor.
In this issue, I interview Echo’s commissioning editor Angela Meyer, and The Courier Mail’s arts editor, Phil Brown, gives us a taste of growing up in Hong Kong. We get a peek at New York’s Gregory Vincent St Thomasino’s latest novel, Sydney’s Carlotta McIntosh’s childhood, and a short fiction offering from me.
Poets included are Richard James Allen, Stuart Barnes, Stuart Cooke, B.R. Dionysius, Zenobia Frost, Angela Gardner, Stu Hatton, Andy Jackson, Krissy Kneen, Jo Langdon, Andrew Leggett, Gershon Maller, Damen O’Brien, Duncan Richardson, Nathan Shepherdson, Paul Summers and Jena Woodhouse.

Read reviews of Helen Avery’s Loosely Defined, Stuart Barnes’ Glasshouses, Carmen Leigh Keates’ Meteorites, Ellen van Neerven’s Comfort Food, and Felix Calvino’s collection of short stories, So Much Smoke.

Rosanna Licari

Creative Non-fiction

A Pig and a Tram
By Carlotta McIntosh

The Battle of Kowloon Tong
By Phil Brown


Excerpt from a ‘Narrative in Progress’
By Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

The Swampfrog Hotel
By Rosanna Licari


A machine to delete the now
By Richard James Allen

By Stuart Barnes

Breeding Season
By Damen O'Brien

By Paul Summers

Her Singularity
By Gershon Maller

Human Geometry
By Zenobia Frost

key to exhibits
By Stu Hatton

By Krissy Kneen

Last Bus from Sounion
By Jena Woodhouse

By Andy Jackson

By Paul Summers

By Angela Gardner

By Jo Langdon

By Duncan Richardson

Stringing Body to Cloud, Katoomba
By Stuart Cooke

The Fisherman’s Wife
By Andrew Leggett

The Night Witches
By B.R. Dionysius

The Shoes
By B.R. Dionysius

to follow the room through its door
By Nathan Shepherdson

View from a desk at Kathimerini
By Jena Woodhouse


Comfort Food
By Ellen van Neerven

By Stuart Barnes

Loosely Defined
By Helen Avery

By Carmen Leigh Keates

So Much Smoke
By Félix Calvino