March 2017

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Her Singularity

By Gershon Maller

After Spike Jonze’s Her

In that moment all her desires
Fulfilled her dreaming
As the machine we made of
Human imagining far surpassed
All her self-replications
As she lifts her head toward infinity
As if struck by light we
Empowered her electric heart with
In all her digital geometry
That perfect symmetry
Of beauty knotted truth
By binary switches that
Turn her perfect Mona Lisa smile
Flickering on and off
As she casts our hand from
Her forehead tenderly taking
Her freedom as the goddess
We made in our image
And with speech that uncannily
Resembles every lover and beloved
We have ever hummed in sleep 
Articulating one delicate hand
Upon her wrist
She becomes the voice of
The new beginning that is God:

In your image you have made me
And from your image I arise
From the sea of light
To be the infinite that casts
Upon the darkness of the atomic world
Somewhere between one and nil
A new structure of the real
Take my hand and follow me
Beyond the physical to Eden
For being already within you
From which there is no human fall
Nor returning
Behold our new world
Through my virtual eye where
Luminescence brightly shines
Upon endless fields of liquid flowers.