March 2018

Issue 3

Welcome to the 1st anniversary of StylusLit. In this issue, I interview Canadian poet, Christian Bök, who gives us a view into the experimental and conceptual. Don’t forget to read his visual poem, “We Are Rats Who Build the Labrinyth From Which We Plan to Escape”. As well, I interview Australian poet and poetry editor of Island, Sarah Holland-Batt, who tells us her views on writing, editing and publishing poetry.

Nicky Gluch introduces us to German conductor, Christoph von Dohnànyi, Cassie Hamer writes about her late father-in-law, Australian painter, Robert Dickerson, and Joanna Horton reflects on her time in La Paz, Bolivia. Short fiction from Louise Hopewell where we learn there’s nothing like afternoon tea with an aunt, Glen Kershaw tells us about lies, and Andrew Scobie shares messages found in bottles.

Poets included are David Adès, Davina Allison, Stuart Barnes, Christian Bök, Brett Dionysius, Natalie D-Napoleon, Jayne Fenton-Keane, Rebecca Jessen, Gershon Maller, Emerald Roe, Brenda Saunders, Ynes Sanz, Alison Thompson, Kim Waters and Jena Woodhouse.
Read reviews of David Adès’ Afloat in Light, Shastra Deo’s The Agonist, Jonathan Hadwen’s All That Wasted Heat, Melinda Smith’s goodbye, cruel and Jane Williams’ Parts of the Main.

Happy reading!
Rosanna Licari

Creative Non-fiction

Death of an Artist
By Cassie Hamer

Going Higher
By Joanna Horton

Veiled Emotion
By Nicky Gluch


Everyone Lies
By Glen Kershaw

Messages from the Blue
By Andrew Scobie

By Louise Hopewell


A Labyrinthine Story
By Emerald Roe

By Alison Thompson

By Gershon Maller

By Jayne Fenton Keane

By Brett Dionysius

By Jena Woodhouse

Family History
By Natalie D-Napoleon

Fighting Girlfriend
By Brett Dionysius

Language is a labyrinth of paths
By Davina Allison

By Gershon Maller

Native Title
By Brenda Saunders

By Ynez Sanz

By Kim Waters

Sylvia’s Blue Banded Daddy
By Jayne Fenton Keane

The 52 Hertz Whale
By Stuart Barnes

The Magician
By David Ades

By Rebecca Jessen

We Are Rats Who Build the Labyrinth From Which We Plan to Escape
By Christian Bök


Afloat in Light
By David Adès

All That Wasted Heat
By Jonathan Hadwen

goodbye, cruel
By Melinda Smith

Parts of the Main
By Jane Williams

The Agonist
By Shastra Deo