September 2017

Issue 2

Welcome. In this issue of StylusLit, I interview Donna Ward, editor, writer, and publisher of Inkerman and BluntThe Courier Mail’s arts editor, Phil Brown, gives us another taste of growing up in Hong Kong, while Maria Griffin tells us about strangers, and Elisabeth Hanscombe explores risky habits. Cheryl Hayden, and Emma Beach and Cheryl Burman give us a look at excerpts from their novels, and Pym Schaare shares some short fiction.
Poets included are Carolyn Abbs, Iain Britton, Anne M. Carson, Robbie Coburn, Eileen Chong, Natalie D-Napoleon, Eduardo Escalante, Alison Flett, Mindy Gill, Jonathan Hadwen, Allan Lake, Graeme Miles, Damen O’Brien, Nathanael O’Reilly, Gregory Piko, Maree Reedman, Chris Ringrose, Paul Scully, Isi Unikowski and Jena Woodhouse.

Read reviews of Richard James Allen’s Fixing the Broken Nightingale, Broede Carmody’s Flat Exit, Kristen Lang’s SkinNotes, Eddie Paterson’s redactor and Omar Sakr’s These Wild Houses.          

Rosanna Licari

Creative Non-fiction

No more gambling
By  Elisabeth Hanscombe

Remember the Sidetracks?
By Phil Brown

When You See a Stranger
By Maria Griffin


Baby’s Breath
By Pym Schaare

Excerpt from ‘Act of Faith’
By Cheryl Hayden

Excerpt from ‘Fallen Woman’
By Emma Beach and Cheryl Burman


A Chorale of the Savanna
By Paul Scully

By Mindy Gill

By Nathanael O’Reilly

Book Burning for Beginners
By Robbie Coburn

Children in Square Hector Berlioz, Clichy Paris
By Jena Woodhouse

Cloud  Bateman’s Bay, NSW 
By Anne M. Carson

Foto Sicily: Piano
By Allan Lake

In Rodenbach
By Graeme Miles

By Robbie Coburn

My Brother’s House
By Maree Reedman

Noah’s Roaming Raven
By Chris Ringrose

october weekend
By Jonathan Chan

By Gregory Piko

By Eileen Chong

Sheep Graziers’ Alert
By Isi Unikowski

Spanish Poems
By Jonathan Hadwen

By Alison Flett

Terra Nullius
By Chris Ringrose

The Bells
By Eileen Chong

The Mouth is a Door
By Natalie D-Napoleon

the untitled garden
By Iain Britton

The Wedge
By Damen O'Brien

To the Lake
By Carolyn Abbs

By Alison Flett

Whatever Matters
By Eduardo Escalante

While he spoke about the one beyond being
By Graeme Miles


Fixing the Broken Nightingale
By Richard James Allen

Flat Exit
By Broede Carmody

By Eddie Paterson

By Kristen Lang

These Wild Houses
By Omar Sakr