September 2018

Issue 4

Welcome to Issue 4 of StylusLit, where I interview Australian poet, critic and editor, Felicity Plunkett. Read her poem, “Three”, to find out what the three most important things in life are.

Short fiction from Kathryn Gossow, James Hannan, Ashley Kalagian Blunt, Peter Kelly, Peter Justin Newall, Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga, and Colin Varney.

Poets included are Amanda Anastasi, Brett Dionysius, Stephen House, Anna Jacobsen, Justin Lowe, Gershon Maller, Peter Mitchell, Liz McQuilkin, Damen O’Brien, Felicity Plunkett, Ariel Riveros Pavez, Lesley Synge, Carl Walsh, and Les Wicks.
Read reviews of Diane Fahey’s November Journal, Philip Neilsen’s Wildlife of Berlin and Reneé Pettitt-Schipp’s The Sky Runs Right through Us.

Rosanna Licari

Filtered by Poetry

By Justin Lowe

By Carl Walsh

By Les Wicks

coastal comrade
By Stephen House

By Ariel Riveros Pavez

By Gershon Maller

Mystery chair
By Liz McQuilkin

Norfolk Island Kaka
By Brett Dionysius

Parallel Universe
By Peter Mitchell

Red Wire, Blue Wire
By Damen O’Brien

The Controversy
By Lesley Synge

By Felicity Plunkett

Upon the Extinction of Frogs
By Amanda Anastasi

When Dreams Turn Archeological
By Anna Jacobsen