March 2019

Issue 5

Welcome to Issue 5 of StylusLit, where I interview Australian poet, electronic musician and video artist, Ian Gibbins. Read his poem, Vox Pops, LA ’82, for a peek into the early eighties.

Creative non-fiction from Bill Marshall. Short fiction from Eugen M Bacon, Caitlyn Doyle-Markwick, Margaret Karmazin, and Ankur van der Woude. 

Poets included are Richard James Allen, Peter Bakowski, Jennifer Compton, William Cotter, Ian Gibbins, Ross Jackson, Jill Jones, Rachael Mead, Philip Neilson, Vanessa Page, Maree Reedman, Ian Reid, Alicia Sometimes, Rodney Williams and Roger Vickery,
Read reviews of Marion May Campbell’s Third Body, Felix Cheong’s B-Sides and Backslides: 1986-2018 and Charlotte Guest’s Soap.

Rosanna Licari

Filtered by Poetry

And What Is the Sky
By Jill Jones

Directions to the End of the Day
By Rachael Mead

Everything Else is Vanished
By Alicia Sometimes

Finding Faith at the Bones of St Peter
By Vanessa Page

Force Majeure
By Richard James Allen

Going Under
By Ian Reid

it was sudden, it is always sudden
By Jennifer Compton

Mr Greene attends a party, Cannes, 19 April 1946
By Peter Bakowski

Shadows of the Italian
By Ross Jackson

Sidney Nolan’s Emu
By Philip Neilsen

The Butterflies
By Maree Reedman

The Coming of Burke, Wills and King to Cooper’s Creek, April 21, 1861
By William Cotter

Tour Guide at the Getty
By Rodney Williams

Vasari’s Portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent
By Roger Vickery

Vox Pops, LA ’82
By Ian Gibbins