March 2022

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Interior in Yellow

By Marcelle Freiman


after Grace Cossington Smith, 1962 – 1964 


When the world  

            is this room, the woman who treasures  

sheltered spaces –  

the corners, contour and brightness of  

            a rug, a quilt of blue, green and pink – 

will cherish the open door  

to a veranda,  

mornings of golden light – 


and when the door closes 

the space of walls, floor,  

            bed, shelf and chair 

still flow with gold, 

but cold too, with tints of green –  

            and the yellow light is pulling hard against 

            corners that dip and veer 

            in the bold morning:  

wardrobe and rug jump alive orange red, 

the space inside alters,  

            the room glows its maker.